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There are three different Items on this page. Closest to the top is a Ceramic Power Bunny made by FPOAFM artist Steph Becker sold in combination with a custom engraved sponge. The second is a laser engraved ceramic commemorative plate. A collaboration between FPOAFM artists Mr. Adams Puryear and Ms.VLS 2.30. The final item is a 2 ft. stool made by FPOAFM with NY/Manilla-based artist Lazaro Juan.



Ceramic Power Bunny and Commemorative Sponge Combo

Each Combo Purchase Comes with a 2"(approx) porcelain glazed and gold lustered bunny with stand and a commemorative custom engraved sponge. The Sponge (7.5" x 5") has three different font options (Western, Wooden Plank, and Regular) and can have whatever wording you want. A FPOAFM Rep. will be in contact with you after purchase to confirm design. Power Bunny is made to empower plants, rooms, backpacks, offices, etc etc etc. $60 each-comes with design set up. Steph Becker, the power bunny creator has this to say:

"bunny energy is the power that bunnies naturally give off and that you are able to use to heal yourself.These specific power bunnies are of a very high frequency so they may assist you to raise your vibration. Using them in any way will aid you, and having them on your body is extremely beneficial."


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9" Diameter "Delco Atlantic China" Plate. Laser Engraved with the FPOAFM logo, gold lustered. The laser engraving creates a low relief effect. $150.00


Two Foot Tall Garden Stool. Can support up to 350+ pounds. Leave this outside, it'll be ok. Permament Drawings, Paintings and Image Transfers by Mr. Juan and Mr. Puryear. $500.00


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