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FPOAFM Nomadic Art/Craft Collective

Presents Plate Party! On September 8th and 9th, 2017

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FPOAFM Nomadic Art/Craft Collective stole a wicked big ton of plates at a wedding from a catering service. They were just THERE so, you know, we got them. But then--what the crap do we do with all of these frikkin plates? Plate frisbees through windows at Wal-Mart were a good idea (hat tip Ben Fiess) but really thats only fun untill Police came, and we still had so many plates. Someone had an idea on 4/20 to have a show of commemorative plates, but we figured that was just the 420 talking and 30 plates with bad drawings of potleafs wasn't up to our standards...although we realized it is a great idea. Then someone else thought we could ask artists to contribute a drawing to commemorate their favorite artist or inspiring character. We asked over 20 of our friends, friends of friends, frienemies and enemies to give us an image of someone. Then we asked some more people when most of the group flaked away....anyway here are some of the plates. If you still have a chance, come by-- there will also be a whisky vending machine that you can take home a cup with whiskey for a little money.